Universe of Sleeping Duvets and Pillows

Universe of Sleeping

Universe of Sleeping sends your dreams off into the night sky to a new and exciting world of sleep
filled with the night’s embrace and luminous shooting stars.

Your dreams are Made in Denmark

Universe of Sleeping is produced in Denmark at the largest factory in Northern Europe, where quality is thoroughly checked and where the craftsmanship tradition forms the basis of our production.
Allergy-friendly, animal welfare and environmental concerns are in focus when we ship good sleep out the door.
We wish you pleasant dreams !

Duvets and pillows

Our duvet and pillow collection is named after the stars of the night, planets, moons, galaxies and other spectacular views of the night sky

The highest standards for the best quality

Care instructions

Both duvets and pillows are made from 100% natural materials. This means that the fabric may show small variations in texture and you may see small differently coloured threads/spots.

Furthermore, you may find a few, loose down in the bag and tiny down fibres may peep out of the case. These are natural occurrences and are not considered defects.

Both duvet and pillow can be washed and must be thoroughly tumble-dried afterwards. See product label for proper washing instructions.
* Gently shake your duvet from several sides when getting up
* Turn your duvet over the foot end of the bed to air it
* Only add the bedspread after your duvet has released the
moisture absorbed overnight
* Turn your duvet, swapping head and foot ends
* Shake your pillow lightly and pat or nudge your pillow back
into shape